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Painkiller Cocktail - Black Tie Kitchen

The Painkiller Painkillers have become one of my favorite and go-to drinks. It's smooth, boozy, and simple to make. Not only is the painkiller delicious, it really does kill the pain. Especially at level…

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Negroni - Black Tie Kitchen


There's a reason the Negroni is considered a classic cocktail and one that every bartender should have in their repertoire, whether you're a home cocktail connoisseur or a professional mixologist. The Negroni is…

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Classic Manhattan - Black Tie Kitchen

Classic Manhattan The Classic Manhattan cocktail is a cocktail that every home bartender should know off the top of their head. It's simple, it's boozy, and it looks fancy - but it packs a…

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Watermelon Gin Cocktail - Black Tie Kitchen

Watermelon Gin Cocktail Refreshing, yet boozy. This Watermelon Gin Cocktail hits that summer vibe in stride! Smooth, not too sweet, and not to strong - just right. Try it for your next BBQ or as…

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