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Latest Recipes

  • Why You HATE Black Coffee and How to Learn to LOVE It
    There’s a lot of reasons you likely hate black coffee – I’m here to change that! Brown Bear RoasteryThis is Rishi’s Coffee Roastery! You can […]
  • Turkey Tacos
    Turkey tacos may not be your first inclination on taco nights, but they should be! Turkey gets a bad wrap, but it’s lean, rather cheap, […]
  • Turnips Gratin – the Keto “Potatoes” Gratin
    Keto “Potatoes” Gratin – or rather – how I learned to love turnips. That’s right, turnips. This member of the radish family is as low […]
  • 2021 Holiday Recipes!
    It’s that time of year again: when the weather starts to turn and the holidays come about! Below are some recipes that are great substitutes […]

Latest Cocktails

  • Espresso Martini
    A fantastic summer cocktail, the espresso martini is a drink that’s easy to make, hits the right notes of booze, and kicks with the caffeine. […]
  • Eggnog (Low-Carb, Keto)
    There are a few seasonal drinks that clearly and distinctly let you know what time of year it is: lemonade, piña coladas, sorrel drink, pumpkin […]
  • Keto Simple Syrup
    If you mix cocktails or are interested in mixology AND you want to make them low-carb or keto friendly, you’ll quickly run into a brick […]
  • Keto Moscow Mule
    It’s time to bust out the vodka! The Keto Moscow Mule is a delicious, refreshing, and incredibly easy cocktail to make. It also doesn’t require […]