Me, trying to look cool.

My name is Dennis and I loved pizza. I still do, but when the doctor opened my chart and told me I was pre-diabetic, I knew I was headed for trouble. Diabetes runs in my family and I knew that it was only a matter of time if I didn’t change. My days of ‘powerlift and eat whatever you want’ are long gone – years of martial arts, heavy lifting, and poor eating have left me a bit broken. Finding solace in that pizza can only go so far.

I also have a problem – I’m a sugar addict. Sure, that sounds ridiculous and humorous at the same time, but I’m dead serious.

My girlfriend and I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up some dark chocolate peanut butter cups. On the walk home, I scoffed a handful down my throat, thinking little about it’s impact. By midday the following day, a single peanut butter cup remained…

“I’ll leave it for my girlfriend for when she gets home. Can’t eat them all like a fat ass.”

When she arrived from work, she asked “where are the peanut butter cups?”

“I left you one, it’s in the container in the same spot you had them.”

“Umm where? There’s nothing here” she said, “unless you mean this?” as she picks up the container out of the trash.

“I swear I left you one… what the <expletive>”

I had eaten the remaining peanut butter cup after explicitly having left it for her. The most accurate account I can provide is that… in some sort of carb induced blackout I ate the final peanut butter cup and thought nothing of it. It’s the only thing that could have happened unless someone came in, flashed ate the remaining candy and flashed me with a Men In Black memory wiper pen thing. On the plus side, I at least had the decency 0f throwing the container away. Otherwise we would have gotten ants.

Then, I started experimenting. I had done moderate carbs before (100g/day) and worked well, but it gave me too much wiggle room. I could get away with a slice of pizza, maybe even two. But… I can’t stop there. Once I have one… its a dark descent and internal dialogue that is along the lines of: ‘why are you still eating? you already had 9 slices… you’re not even hungry…’.

“Minor setback, I’ll restart tomorrow. Buuuuut since I blew it today, might as well have another slice. And cake. Make it three slices, and a milkshake, what’s the difference.”

Tomorrow never comes.

Here I am, today, living as close to keto as I can. I don’t worry too much about my carb count, since I now attempt to avoid all things that are not low carb. No fruits, no breads, no milk, no baked goods, no candy, nothing. Not even normal pizza. I fluctuate in and out of ketosis, but that’s alright – my insulin levels are stable now.

Is it difficult? F*** yeah. It takes some planning, but it also takes damn good food that you CAN eat. That’s how I ended up making my YouTube channel and this site – to explore the best low carb and keto friendly foods the world has to offer and sharing it so that you TOO can kick diabetes in the face.

Low-carb/keto might seem like it’s only bacon, eggs, broccoli, and heavy cream. But I’m here to tell you there’s a world beyond that. From different areas and cultures around the world, there’s a plethora of dishes and drinks that are low-carb, or can be made low carb with a few adjustments. There’s no need to ever be bored with your food. Especially if you’re a “foodie.”

Although I would be considered a ‘foodie’ – despise the term. I first heard it at a dinner party many moons ago when a morbidly obese woman told me with delight that she was “a real foodie.”

I thought, “no sh*t.”

Nonetheless, the love for food, the ingredients, and the people who make it, is what the term embodies, and since I can associate with that, I am therefore – happily – a foodie.

So now you know more about me than you probably cared to. If you want to take it a step further and find out more or simply say hi, feel free to reach out! Unless you’re made of bacon, I don’t bite! =)