Keto Moscow Mule

It’s time to bust out the vodka! The Keto Moscow Mule is a delicious, refreshing, and incredibly easy cocktail to make. It also doesn’t require anything tools or hardware to conjure, making it a fantastic cocktail to make at parties and get togethers – especially when everyone else is drinking beer, sangria, and more beer. And regardless of what you might think – it’s actually an American cocktail!

The Keto Moscow Mule – Black Tie Kitchen

Is a Moscow Mule Low-Carb & Keto?

This version is low-carb and keto friendly. The best part about this cocktail is that by simply switching the type of ginger beer used, we can make it both low-carb or NOT low-carb for the folks who may have different diets. That’s part of the beauty of this cocktail – you can make a bunch of the base (lemon juice+vodka) and add the appropriate ginger beer when you mix a cocktail!

What kind of ice should I use?

You can use any ice – and there’s no need for fancy clear ice. Typically you’ll see Moscow Mules served with crushed ice because you can smash a ton into the cup and make a sort of – Moscow Mule slushie. You can make crushed ice by placing ice into a ziploc back, wrapping in a towel, and smashing the heck out of it with a mallet.

Another great method for making crushed-ish ice is to place a bunch of ice cubes into a blender, and blend in spurts. It will create crushed ice – and if you continue blending, it will create what looks like snow – PERFECT for filling the cup!

three limes on a cutting board
If possible, ALWAYS use fresh limes. Lime juice concentrate has additives that change the fresh flavor and acidity of the lime juice!

Why is it called a Moscow Mule?

Because it’s made from Mules that originated in Moscow… just kidding. It’s actually an American cocktail devised in Los Angeles when a bar was attempting to turnover inventory. They had a bunch of vodka and ginger beer they wanted to clear out- the rest is history.

The “Moscow” in Moscow Mule was a result of the vodka. Most Americans associate vodka with Russia, so ‘Moscow’ seemed fitting. The “Mule” in Moscow Mule comes from the supposed ‘kick’ of the ginger beer. Unless they had really strong homemade beer – this surprised me as I don’t find ginger beer to have an overly strong ‘kick.’ Either way – now you know how the name came about!

Does the type of vodka matter?

The type of vodka does not matter. Vodka can be made from potatoes, corn, rye, wheat, etc. It IS however gluten free – as ALL distilled spirits are gluten free. Since the flavor of vodka is going to be overshadowed by the ginger and the lime, I don’t recommend a high end vodka for mixing moscow mules. If you want to get crazy – you can try using flavored vodkas for a variation of the traditional mule!

The classic copper mug used in a Moscow Mule. Aim to use the ones lines with nickel or stainless steel.

What ginger beer should I use?

The different brands of ginger beer have their own unique flavors. Some are on the sweeter side while others are on the spicier side. Fever Tree makes great mixers, but they only have a ‘Light’ ginger beer, not a full diet version. Personally I find Barretts a bit too sweet for my pallet and thus prefer Goslings. I’m still on the search for a spicier diet ginger beer though!

Why does the Moscow Mule have to be in a copper mug?

It doesn’t! The copper mug was part of a marketing tactic by the salesman who traveled around the USA promoting his vodka brand and the amazing cocktail to make with it. The copper mug is such a unique look, that it was a fantastic selling point and became iconic to the drink.

BUT you actually don’t want to drink out of a pure copper mug. Any liquid with a pH below 6 (meaning it’s acidic) reacts with copper – and if you consume enough copper, it can lead to copper toxicity. Truth be told, your cocktail likely won’t last long enough in a copper mug in order to trigger the reaction. However, if the mug’s interior and lip is lined with stainless steel or nickel, you’ll be fine as those materials don’t react with copper.

moscow mule in lowball glass
The Moscow Mule looks JUST as good in a lowball or highball glass
Moscow Mule - Black Tie Kitchen

Keto Moscow Mule

Yield: 1 cocktail
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

Refreshing, delicious, and easy to make! Perfect in any weather, this American made cocktail (yup, it has nothing to do with Russia or Mules) is great for both hot and cold weather!




  1. In a glass of copper mug, add the lime juice and vodka.
  2. Add ice, but do not fill the mug.
  3. Top with ginger beer.
  4. For garnish, cut a lime wheel and add a few leaves of mint. You can even serve with candied ginger (although, that's not low-carb)
  5. Enjoy!

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Nutrition Information
Serving Size 1 cocktail
Amount Per Serving Calories 134Total Fat 0gCarbohydrates 0gNet Carbohydrates 0.4gFiber 0gSugar 0.4g

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