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Keto Mojito - Black Tie Kitchen

Keto Mojito

The Keto Mojito is the low-carb brother of the classic Cuban cocktail - refreshing, delicious, and best of all, easy to make! Don't misunderstand me though, there IS a reason most bartenders dislike…

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Keto Rumchata - Black Tie Kitchen

Keto Rumchata

Rumchata is delicious and this Keto Rumchata recipe does NOT disappoint. However, to understand the rumchata, we have to take a few steps back and find out why it's so delicious. Rumchata is…

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Irish Coffee - Black Tie Kitchen

Irish Coffee

I sat at the edge of the bar, a Guinness sitting on a ripped coaster. It was 2017, in the heart of Dublin. I beckon the bartender for a coffee and to close…

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Hot Toddy - Black Tie Kitchen

Hot Toddy It's getting cold outside, so whether you have a sore throat or simply need to warm up from shoveling snow, the Hot Toddy is the perfect cocktail! Regardless of the legends of…

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