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Watermelon Gin Cocktail - Black Tie Kitchen

Watermelon Gin Cocktail Refreshing, yet boozy. This Watermelon Gin Cocktail hits that summer vibe in stride! Smooth, not too sweet, and not to strong - just right. Try it for your next BBQ or as…

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Watermelon Syrup - Black Tie Kitchen

Watermelon Syrup Watermelon syrup is easy to make - however, oddly enough, it doesn't actually taste like watermelon. It tastes like a cross between Papaya and Sapote (both of which are delicious)! Use this…

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Watermelon Juice - Black Tie Kitchen

Watermelon Juice Watermelon Juice - sweet, refreshing, and surprisingly robust. Use it in cocktails, slushies, or just drink it straight! And here's the catch - watermelon juice is simple to make fresh! INGREDIENTS 1/4…