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Apple Crisp - Black Tie Kitchen

Apple Crisp     I've always been a huge fan of Apple Crisp. I honestly prefer it over apple pie. Something about the sweetness, the crunchiness, and the tenderness of the dish - all…

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Candied Bacon - Black Tie Kitchen

Candied Bacon Vegans, look away! Who doesn't like bacon? Communists. That's who. This candied bacon requires some time to cook, but it's worth it. Chewy, crispy, salty, and just the right level of sweetness…

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Scones - Black Tie Kitchen

Scones | Cream Biscuit   Ever want a quick biscuit with minimal ingredients? How about one that works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desert? If you've never had or made a scone (or a cream…

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Blueberry Pie - Black Tie Kitchen

Blueberry Pie Who likes Blueberry Pie? I make a simple recipe that will leave you baffled with how simple, yet how complex and delicious the flavors are! Ingredients: 5 1/4 cups (800g) blueberries 1…