Why You HATE Black Coffee and How to Learn to LOVE It

There’s a lot of reasons you likely hate black coffee – I’m here to change that!

Brown Bear RoasteryBrown Bear Roastery
This is Rishi’s Coffee Roastery! You can find him through here and get to all his social media accounts as well as buy coffee!
Mishka Coffee
This is Brown Bear Roastery’s flagship coffee – and trust me when I say that it’s goooood!
Cuisinart Burr Grinder
This is my workhorse. I’ve had mine for 4+ years of daily use and it’s still going strong! I’ve used this grinder to make espresso, pour over, and everything in between!
Hario Hand Grinder
These used to be less expensive, but they’re still cheaper than an electric burr grinder. These also work great when you’re traveling our out in the woods!
Hario Pour Over Coffee Dripper
I’m a huge fan of pour over. This is my go-to method and tool
Hario Paper Coffee Filters
If you plan on making pour over, you’re going to need filters.
Ozeri Kitchen Scale
This $10 kitchen scale might be the one tool that gets the most use in my kitchen besides my towels and my fork!
Bodum French Press
The best way to get into good coffee – small, inexpensive, and easy to use.
If you want something that pretty much does it all – you cant go wrong with the Aeropress. Also a great favorite for travel and outdoor adventures
OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker
This contraption works really well. Makes for easy cleanup when making large batches of cold brew!

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  1. Gary

    Very much enjoyed the teaching from you both. Just ordered a bag of Mishka to try, as well as the Cuisinart Burr grinder. We finally switched to whole beans and have been using a cheap hand crank grinder. Thanks again for your video, I have it saved for future reference.

    1. Dennis

      Thanks for watching! You’re going to feel like a king with the burr grinder instead of the hand crank (speaking from experience lol)

  2. John

    Hey guys, fell on to your channel while looking for Keto Pizza Recipes on Youtube. Been an avid watcher ever since. (The Pizza Recipe v2 has been great by the way, awesome taste all my keto friends love it.)
    Anyway writing to find out how I can get my hands on Mishka Medium Roast Blend Coffee Beans. I am in Australia and the Beans aren’t listed here which sucks. I was wondering if you would be possibly hosting their product through your store sometime soon? or perhaps you could suggest another brand that may be available World wide? I have just started drinking Coffee and have gone into the deep end of making quality coffee, using the measurements you both recommended on the Live stream and I got my hands on the Grinder and Coffee dripper you recommended (which I love by the way they are great).
    Well thanks for all the videos and the great effort you put into them 🙂

    1. Dennis

      Hey John! If you go to brownbearbeans.com, he sells coffee there as well. Not sure about shipping to AUS though (I know it’s pricey, having sent some stuff down under). Id have to ask Rishi about any coffee roasters he might know in Australia

  3. Karen

    You make great and funny videos I have been mostly keto for about 4 years and Serious Keto is another of my fav if I watch one of yours now and trying not to binge watch. Keep them coming you have a great talent. I have been watching Alton Brown for years and have all his cookbooks even signed but you have a gift. I’m 68 and always want to keep learning. I’m from Texas so Southern is in my blood! I ordered the Brown Bear Coffee and can’t wait to try your methods of drip in the special cup I feel bone china is the best but it is thin. Regards darlin

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